Cyrus Soundkey

Peek spent over a year working with Cyrus Audio – an award-winning specialist audio company who have an obsession for ever higher quality reproduction. The focus of this campaign work was to introduce the Cyrus brand to a younger audience and hook them onto the brand to revitalise the enthusiasm for a bespoke hi-fi.


Brand naming

Brand identity

Product design

Packaging design

Marketing planning

Kickstarter campaign management



Video production

Social Media management



Cyrus Audio, the award-winning British specialist hi-fi manufacturer was sadly seeing a steady decline in the love of bespoke hi-fi building. Identifying a need to appeal to a younger audience, Cyrus took their expertise and poured it into developing a revolutionary inline DAC.


The objective of Peek’s work was to hook a new generation of music lovers into the Cyrus brand through the launch of the new DAC.  In an unusual and bold move, a Kickstarter campaign was chosen as the launch platform to give birth to the newly named Cyrus Soundkey. 


Our work started with the creation of a name for the new DAC. To do this we used our naming experience and expertise and ran a Brand Naming Workshop with the Cyrus team to generate names and create a shortlist of options.

The new name had to express that Cyrus had taken their experience and award-winning expertise and squeezed it into the Cyrus Soundkey. 

The qualities identified that helped frame the names were:

  • Awesome sound quality
  • Small and lightweight (around 16g)
  • Smooth sleek design
  • Robust aluminium casing
  • Extremely low current usage, conserving your phone’s battery life
  • Compatible with a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, AAC, and FLAC
  • And that it would handle High-Resolution audio files up to 24bit/96kHz.

We encapsulated these qualities in the new brand and name along with the key marketing messages:

  • If you love listening to your music on the move via your phone then you would love one of these. 
  • You deserve the best sound quality from your phone.
  • Cyrus have poured their 30 years of audio expertise into a new high quality DAC and amplifier.
  • We named the DAC the Cyrus Soundkey.

Crowdfunding success: In an unusual and bold move we decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initial run of the product. Peek’s role was to guide Cyrus through the process and manage their campaign from start to finish. This included:

  • Campaign planning 
  • Pricing structure and reward design e.g. Pledge levels, VIP specials and Early Bird rewards. These all had different timeframes and price points to encourage engagement and participation in the campaign
  • Scriptwriting, filming and video production to promote the product and Kickstarter campaign
  • Pre-campaign press launch activities to the hi-fi press and to new media relevant to the target audience
  • Social media channel content production and management
  • Daily management of the campaign across all channels.

“We were blown away by the immediate success of the campaign and couldn't have wished for a better result.”


Within the first 12 hours the initial funding target of £50,000 was smashed and the pledges kept rolling in with the final campaign reaching nearly double the original figure.

1,165 backers pledged £79,962

Following on from the successful Kickstarter campaign the Cyrus Soundkey went into full production and has gone on to win a number of highly prestigious hi-fi awards becoming in the process one of the highest-selling headphone DACs available on the market today.

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