Stephen Perse Foundation

Would you believe that the Sunday Times highest-ranked IB School of the Year was struggling with brand differentiation? Unfortunately they shared a name with another school in the same city. With a need to grow their brand awareness and help parents understand why they were unique, they turned to Peek. 



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The Stephen Perse Foundation (the SPF) is a prestigious collection of schools founded in 1881. It boasts the Sunday Times highest-ranked IB School of the Year and is part of Cambridge's rich academic past.


Our aim was to raise brand awareness and position the Stephen Perse Foundation as education thought leaders to increase admissions to the schools.


The brand awareness campaign for the SPF included a dynamic new website, an outdoor advertising campaign, and an animated film to boost visibility within the target audiences and demonstrate how the Stephen Perse Foundation can help unlock the true potential of its students.

“We are thrilled with the work that Peek undertook. It has been so effective in helping us realise our immense digital potential. Through the use of a range of channels across multiple key deliverables, including a responsive new website and an original animated video, we have increased our brand awareness, honed brand positioning and it has given the foundation the platform it needs to share our unique vision for learning.”

The standout SPF campaign began with a single video; turning words into visual concepts is a particular speciality of the team at Peek, and we adeptly translated the SPF’s educational vision for their students into a sleek, imaginative animation. Apple were so impressed with the innovative ideas within the Peek Creative video, it featured in the Apple Education Leadership Summit and was featured as an Apple case study on the technology brand’s website.

After the video came the website, a sleek, fresh, easily navigable website that is tailored for its target audience and has been optimised for iPad viewing; perfect for a tech-savvy audience. Completing the website gave both Peek Creative and the Stephen Perse Foundation the ideal platform to mount an ad campaign, which drove fantastic results. The schools reported record attendance at an open day and a significant increase in applications for places. When it comes to campaigns, the proof is in the pudding, and this is one campaign from Peek Creative that hit all the right notes.

Peek’s work resulted in national media coverage and an enhanced thought leadership and industry profile for Tricia Kelleher, principal and spokesperson for the Stephen Perse Foundation. Peek’s animated video that expressed Tricia’s philosophy on learning was chosen as a thought leadership piece at the Apple Education Leadership Summit.