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How did we help to convey the delivery of new energy solutions for this international energy consultancy?

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ZigZag Strategy and Research


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Zigzag leverage the insights of experienced consultants, who possess firsthand business experience in the new energy field, to assess the delivery and growth capabilities of businesses and provide tailored advice to their clients.



Website Development

ZigZag Strategy + Research is an international energy consultancy specialising in the New Energy Sector. Their primary objective is to facilitate connections between larger businesses, city councils, and innovative growth businesses within the sector. Through their expertise and extensive surveying of the industry, they strive to understand its development and identify exciting business propositions for clients. Zigzag leverage the insights of experienced consultants, who possess firsthand business experience in this field, to assess the delivery and growth capabilities of businesses and provide tailored advice to clients. To enhance their services and improve accessibility for their clients, they embarked on a project to develop a new website with Peek.

Project goals

The primary goal of this project was to design and develop a new website for ZigZag Strategy + Research that serves as a comprehensive platform for their clients and stakeholders. The website aims to:

  1. Showcase Expertise: The website highlights their extensive experience in the New Energy Sector and demonstrated their capability to connect larger businesses, city councils, and innovative growth businesses.
  2. Provide Information: The website serves as a knowledge hub, offering up-to-date industry insights, reports, and articles. It also details their services, methodologies, and success stories to provide potential clients with a clear understanding of our value proposition.
  3. Facilitate Connections: The website features a dedicated platform to facilitate connections between larger businesses, city councils, and growth businesses. It enables businesses to express their interest in partnering, seeking investment, or accessing services while allowing the team to evaluate and match them with suitable opportunities.
  4. Enhance User Experience: User experience is crucial in engaging visitors and ensuring easy navigation throughout the website. We prioritised intuitive design, clear content structure, and seamless functionality to provide a pleasant and efficient user experience.

Project Scope

The website development project included the following key elements:

  1. Design and Branding: Peek created a visually appealing and professional website design that aligns with ZigZag Strategy + Research's branding guidelines. This included selecting appropriate colour schemes, typography, and graphical elements.
  2. Content Development: We developed compelling and informative content to showcase their expertise, services, and success stories. This involved creating engaging copy, designing infographics, and producing relevant multimedia content.
  3. Platform Development: The website was developed using modern web technologies, ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers. We built a user-friendly interface, implement secure data management systems, and integrate features for connection facilitation.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): To increase visibility and attract relevant organic traffic, we employed effective SEO strategies during the website development process. This includes optimising content, meta tags, and site structure, as well as implementing best practices for indexing and search engine ranking.
  5. Integration of Analytics: We integrated web analytics tools to gather insights on website usage, user behaviour, and engagement metrics. This data helped us refine the website over time and make informed decisions to improve user experience and achieve business goals.

Solution and results

The project encompassed several key deliverables for ZigZag Strategy + Research. We created a fully functional and visually captivating website to represent their brand. The website showcases their expertise and services, providing engaging and informative content for visitors.

We implemented a connection facilitation platform allowing businesses to seek partnerships, investments, or services through their website. To enhance online visibility, we optimised the website for search engines.

We integrated web analytics tools to enable data-driven decision-making. These project deliverables aimed to establish a strong online presence for ZigZag Strategy + Research while providing a valuable platform for businesses in need of their services.

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