Zone Outdoor Fitness

The Zone name and brand identity is clear, easy to reproduce and captures the holistic approach to fitness that Lisa and her business partner Ed Wagener wished to convey.

Getting in the zone

Zone’s aim is to offer the ultimate in outdoor workouts and bootcamps, with a hugely varied timetable and expert trainers to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Founded by experienced Health & Fitness trainer Lisa Charnley, a self-confessed gym hater. Who’s passion has always been for outdoor fitness, group exercise and proving that getting fit and staying fit doesn’t have to be boring. This outdoor fitness ethos acted as the inspiration for the new brand name and Zone was born.

Helping Cambridge shape up

Our objective was to define a strong brand and generate a name for the new business.

After an intensive naming workshop and further detailed market research, the name Zone Outdoor Fitness was chosen. The brand was then developed to be versatile across all platforms and a range of fitness clothing, marketing material and Zone’s online presence all had the new brand implementation applied.