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Brand Positioning. 

Brand Positioning

How do you position your brand?

Brand positioning and brand messaging are two closely related concepts in copywriting. Brand messaging refers to the language and tone used to communicate the brand's value proposition, benefits, and personality to its target audience. Brand positioning, on the other hand, refers to the strategic process of defining a brand's unique place in the market, including its target audience, competition, and key differentiators.

In order to create effective brand messaging, you need to have a clear understanding of your brand's positioning. This means understanding your brand's unique selling points and the needs and desires of your target audience. Once a brand's positioning has been established, we can use this information to craft messaging that reinforces the brand's unique position in the market.
For example, if your brand is targeting young music lovers, you should craft messaging that speaks to their needs and aspirations. You need to create content or slogans that will make them feel understood and appreciated by the brand.

Brand messaging and brand positioning are also influenced by the brand's overall marketing strategy. A brand's marketing strategy includes factors such as the channels used to reach the target audience, the timing and frequency of messaging, and the overall budget allocated to marketing efforts. All of these factors should be considered when developing both brand messaging and brand positioning.

As the market and consumer behaviour evolve, your brand's positioning and messaging may also need to be updated or refined. For example, a brand that positions itself as an affordable option may need to adjust its messaging if competitors start offering even lower prices. Similarly, a brand that positions itself as an environmentally conscious option may need to adapt its messaging to reflect changing consumer attitudes and behaviours towards sustainability.

Ultimately, positioning and messaging are two sides of the same coin: they work together to help brands build a strong connection with their target audience.

Our Approach

Peek’s Key Steps to Brand Positioning. 

To position your brand in the marketplace effectively, here are some of key steps to consider:

Conduct market research

This will help you understand the competitive landscape and what other brands in your industry are offering.

Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Determine what makes you stand out and different and why people should buy your brand.

Identify Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

What is it that your brand uniquely does and why should your customers care?

Test and refine your positioning

Conduct market research and gather feedback from customers to see how your brand positioning is resonating and make necessary adjustments.
We can help you position your brand effectively in the marketplace, differentiate yourself from competitors, and connect with your target audience in a meaningful way.

Brand Positioning

An engagement increase of... 

Metrion Biosciences
Remember that your service names are an important part of your overall brand identity, so we take the time to come up with names that accurately reflect your services and help your business stand out and succeed.
"Brand positioning is the art of finding your unique place in the hearts and minds of consumers. It's not about being everything to everyone, but rather about being something extraordinary to a specific audience.

Discover your authentic value proposition, communicate it clearly, and consistently deliver on your brand promise. By doing so, you will create an unshakable bond with your target market, standing tall amidst the noise and competition, and etching your brand's name as a beacon of trust and distinction."

Steve Creamer, MD, Peek Creative

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