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9 Brand Values Defined for Your Business

Certain principles and mantras can be a person’s guiding light through a fog of uncertainty. The same can be said for large corporations that intend to stay in business for years to come by utilising and practising these guiding principles or brand values.

Setting yourself on the right track

Brand values are the guiding principles by which a company operates. These brand values will ensure that the operations of a company always stay in line with its core belief system.

A company’s culture can make a huge difference. Many companies live and die by the values their brand sets out to uphold. These guiding principles are frequently the backbone of a business and set them apart from their competition in a positive way. Read on to learn what brand values businesses choose to hang their hats on. 


Many, if not all, companies pride themselves on the integral practices by which they operate. Businesses that emphasise the importance of integrity will display their commitment to high standards of honesty. This display benefits these businesses by creating positive public images for potential customers and partners in the future. 

Integral companies do what is right no matter who is or is not looking. They pride themselves on the details of honest work and ensure that the products and services they provide are exactly what the customer was expecting. This transparent and highly ethical approach to doing business creates an air of professionalism and ethics.

Businesses with integrity include these practices:

  • Quality assurance that demands perfection at every level of their production
  • Easy employee identification for call centre customer service representatives
  • Strict policies and training programs to deter and mitigate employee negligence 

Businesses that adhere to strict codes of integrity are often the ones that set industry standards in customer satisfaction. People want to do business with organisations that they know will take care of them and their specific needs. Integrity in the operation of a business is paramount for a company that wants to build a lasting brand.

Integrity is considered the main concern for companies that intend on building a lasting relationship with the customers that depend on their goods and services. Not only will an integral business attract prospective customers, but it will also retain existing ones too. People choose to do business with brands that act with integrity. 


No customer wants to do business with a company that is flippant and rarely delivers on the promises that it makes. A lack of consistency in a company’s dependability can drive old customers away in droves and send a grim warning to prospective ones as well. Companies that build a respected and thriving brand strive to be dependable.

Some companies that list dependability as one of their brand’s values:

  • HSBC 
  • 02
  • Vodafone

These companies understand the importance of dependability in their organisations’ cultures. Dependable businesses deliver excellent service and products without fail. When companies are dependable, customers can rest assured that what was promised will be delivered no matter the circumstances. This is huge for customer relationships.

Companies that can turn their word into action will attract new customers and retain existing customers at the same time. Nothing is worse for a business than dissatisfied customers who experience less than dependable service.

In many situations, the best and worst advertising for a company can be through word of mouth. When a customer has been told repeatedly that something would be done and it has not, they will be sure to let their friends and family know. Companies that pride themselves on dependability will have nothing to fear in this regard.


Several companies recognise that the key to success is communication with customers. The best way to improve the quality of a business’s products and services is through open, honest, and accessible means of communication with its consumers. The most successful companies will happily communicate with their loyal and potential customers.

Key benefits that open communication can offer a company as a core brand value:

  • Access to helpful feedback and constructive criticism
  • Access to valuable customer insight on product and service satisfaction
  • The ability to correct small errors and problems with products and services

Companies that set a standard for excellence in communication will find easy access to helpful and constructive criticism from customers that use their products and services. This will allow a company the ability to improve on their products and services, which will enhance the brand’s image. Customers have ideas for what can be improved.

Not only can customers give companies valuable insight into their shortcomings, but they can also offer their approval and satisfaction. This can be extremely valuable for companies that are determined to produce quality products and services. Open communication with customers will improve a successful company’s efficiency.

Small problems, when left unattended or addressed, can often turn into much larger ones. A company that maintains communication as a core value of its brand will be able to know about these smaller problems and handle them before they grow too big to be corrected. In all relationships, communication is key. Customer service is no different.

Environmental Friendliness and your brand values

Many customers are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint. These customers want to find creative ways to mitigate their contribution to climate change and increase their contributions to the preservation of the ecological health of the world. Companies that share this mindset as a brand value can attract these customers over competitors. 

Ways companies can put their environmentally friendly brand value into action:

  • Switching from single-use plastics in packaging to something less wasteful
  • Running all offices and electrical appliances on 100% renewable energy
  • Operating electric vehicles for all company automobile fleets
  • Utilising recycled materials in the production of products and packaging
  • Embracing higher levels of responsible water conservation practices at facilities

If a company reduces its carbon footprint in these ways, it will go a long way to furthering its brand and capturing the respect and business of eco-minded customers. A company that cares will do its best to make it clear to those they would like to do business with. More and more companies are going green, and customers love it.

Businesses that emphasise the importance of taking responsibility and action in the fight against climate change are serving a greater purpose than the particulars of their specific operations. Customers are attracted to organisations that show their concern and deliver on their promises. Companies that walk the walk are likely to be successful.

In an ever-changing world, it is essential for a company to develop an adaptive brand that is aware of public sentiment and concern. Empathetic companies that not only address but act on these concerns are likely to win the business of the consumers that they serve. This is a win-win situation for both parties involved in green-friendly pursuits.


Many companies will declare their commitments to charities and charitable pursuits. Their products and services might be slightly more expensive, but this can be overlooked by a sympathetic customer base. A company will succeed with consumers when it makes efforts to act for causes that transcend its own profit margins.

Typical ways companies who value charity can give back:

  • Partner with non-profit organisations to donate a portion of sales to charity
  • Offer discounted products or services to those that are in need of assistance
  • Sponsor philanthropic events to assist non-profit charitable organisations

Several businesses will advertise a unique partnership with a charitable organisation in which the proceeds from sales of a specific product or service will be donated. This can bolster the sale of a particular product or service if the cause strikes a chord with the customer base.  

Some companies that champion the contribution to charitable causes as a brand value will offer their aid to those in need directly. This could come in the form of special discounts on products and services to those who are struggling. Often, the assistance could come in the form of total donations of products, money, or pro bono services. 

Companies that partner with charitable organisations might also sponsor fund-raising events to lower or eliminate the cost that the organisation will incur in their pursuit to generate funds for those in need. This is a fantastic way for the company to fulfil its brand value’s promise and express its commitment to charity and charitable giving.

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Equality and Diversity

Companies that express their commitment to open-mindedness and equality are sure to build a brand that their consumers will admire and appreciate. These companies recognise that in order to succeed, they should actively combat intolerance and celebrate diversity. Companies that are committed to equality make the world better.

Some companies that are committed to equality and diversity:

  • Admiral
  • Lloyd’s Banking 
  • British Broadcasting Company

These are just a few of the companies in the United Kingdom that address in their mission statement the importance of equality and diversity to their brand. These companies show their customers that they value all cultures, orientations, ethnicities, and races equally and equitably. Progressive consumer bases expect this commitment.

The importance of organisations to express their willingness to aid in the struggle against inequality cannot be overstated. Consumers will flock to businesses that set these values as a foundation for the operation of their brand. It is not enough for a company to exercise inclusive practices or to meet their legal obligations. It must actively address inequality, as well.

When companies can show their support for all races, genders, religions, and orientations, they are expressing the growing sentiment for change and progress that is swelling throughout society today. These companies recognise that diversity and equality make their brand more robust and improve the places in which they do business.


Companies that emphasise the importance that fun can have on a person’s life and well-being are sure to attract long-lasting customers. These companies are a breath of fresh air for customers that are looking to do business with an organisation that is new and exciting. Fun companies are active in their pursuit to make life a little brighter.

Companies can show their commitment to fun as a brand value by:

  • Innovating the customer experience with products and services
  • Offering unique and quirky bonuses to customers that do business with them
  • Participating in culturally significant events in creative and festive ways

Suppose a customer has a pleasant and entertaining experience when they use a product or visit a business establishment. In that case, they are much more likely to return for further patronisation. This return business is the key to growing a brand and building value among consumers. The experience is just as important as the product being offered.

Some businesses maintain fun and quirky traditions for the customers that use their products or visit their establishments. This could be a free dessert at a restaurant on a customer’s birthday or a customised collection of a user’s most listened-to songs from the past year on a streaming service. These fun bonuses are a great way to connect!

Companies that get into the holiday spirit can make a customer’s experience with products and services so much more enjoyable. It is a great way to show customers that the company is committed to creating and sharing joy. Companies that make an effort to be fun are sure to build a lasting impression on customers for years to come. 


Businesses that build a lasting brand with a positive image invest in their communities. Customers appreciate businesses that go the extra mile to contribute and participate in the local goings-on. Companies can increase their brands’ value by demonstrating commitments to the communities and customers they do business with regularly.

Companies that strive to strengthen the bonds of their community might do things like:

  • Interact with customers via social media by providing fun and engaging content
  • Proudly represent local sports teams and express community pride
  • Support the people within the community by sponsoring public events

The importance of the online community is paramount in today’s day and age. Businesses that engage with customers over social media in a positive way can create lasting impressions that will directly influence the habits of consumers. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Building a community experience is key.

Businesses that get in on the game-day fun and festivities can build a stronger bond with their community and customers than those that do not. Customers will appreciate a company that recognises the significance of local sporting events and goes the extra distance to show community pride. A community can do wonders for building brand value.

There are several ways for a company to get involved with its community. Many businesses will sponsor festivals and other local events to provide the public with a community-building experience. Companies that set up shop in an area need to make a connection with the people that live there. Customers value companies that value them.


Consumers appreciate companies that state their commitment to increased access to education. Companies that want to build a respected brand should acknowledge the importance of education in today’s society and make great efforts to express their commitment to increasing access to it. 

Businesses could demonstrate their commitment to education by:

  • Offering scholarships to secondary school graduates that are university-bound
  • Providing training programs for students that want to pursue a particular trade
  • Offering internships for those who are seeking a career in their industry

Customers want to do business with companies that give back to them. Education can change a person’s life in so many ways, and companies that provide financial aid to those who are pursuing it can create life-long customers. This positive public image is the key to building a valued brand.

Many students aspire to be master tradesmen. Many companies can offer access to training in a particular trade as a part of their hiring process. This will attract quality employees and build a reputation for the company as one that genuinely cares for those who are seeking to better themselves by building skills, experience, and knowledge.

Some companies will offer internships for those who do not have the experience necessary to compete for employment in a specific industry. This can be a life-changing opportunity for those who are seeking to start a new chapter in their life. Companies that make these opportunities possible will leave a lasting impression on those they help.


Brand values are the foundational building blocks on which a company creates its identity. This strong foundation can create a lasting legacy that transcends the businesses daily operations and fosters a sense of professionalism and empathy towards customers. Companies that set and adhere to standards like these will indeed thrive.

These are just some of the examples of values that companies will build their brand around. As times and consumers’ needs change, so will the values organisations build their identities around. Brand values are what makes a company stand out amongst the competition. They are the foundation of the company’s success.

Brand value examples

What are Nike's brand values?

Nike's brand values

Nike's brand values revolve around three core principles: innovation, inspiration, and empowerment. They strive to push the boundaries of athletic performance through cutting-edge technology and design, inspiring athletes and individuals to unleash their full potential. With a focus on inclusivity and social impact, Nike aims to empower people from all walks of life to believe in themselves and make a positive difference in the world.

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