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How do you create an advertising campaign that works?

Advertising campaigns are commonly designed to generate publicity, increase market share, reinforce branding, improve sales leads, introduce new items/brands/services, etc. In today’s marketing mix there are so many options that crafting a successful advertising campaign, often within a strict budget, can be overwhelming, but that’s where we can help.

Advertising is the promotion of goods or services by an identified sponsor. Advertising can also be considered as persuasive public communication about products or services, typically paid for and usually in some sort of mass media.

The goal of any ad campaign is to generate interest in what you’re offering. Whether that’s a product, service, webinar or demonstration. The more people who see your ads–and the more often they see them–the better chance you have of reaching your target audience with your message. But where are your target audiences? Sometimes this means placing ads on a specialist TV network during popular shows like National Geographic or Dave. Other times it means buying space on billboards along busy highway routes where drivers will see your ad every day as they commute. 

Print advertisements include billboards, brochures, flyers, and magazine or newspaper ads. Almost any poster you see in public is classified as a print ad. Most people will not buy the product just by seeing the advertisement but it can create awareness and interest and still plays an important role in a campaign.

Radio and television advertisements are still recognised as a major part of modern B2C advertising campaigns, with so many channels to choose from it has become easier for smaller businesses to have a voice. Statistics show that 41 commercials a day were seen per person in 2020. This number hasn’t changed much in 15 years.


We don’t need to tell you that advertising on the internet is huge.

Studies show that today one in three web pages contains an ad. As consumers, we are exposed to up to 10,000 ads online a day as advertisers are following us there for our attention and spending power.

Online advertising has several advantages over other media though: no costs for printing, paper or mailing and instant access to worldwide audiences with highly targeted communication through demographic analysis.

Online ads are formatted differently than the typical print ad. Some common online advertisement formats include banners, flash ads, email advertising, rich media (graphics with sound) and search engine marketing (SEM) ads which appear on search engine result pages. The banner ad is a small rectangular graphic on the web page that links to an advertiser’s website. The rich media version of this online ad is similar but can include animations and sounds as well as graphics. It allows advertisers to grab potential customers’ attention with flashy images and videos; they typically offer more information than conventional print ads such as statistics or product demonstrations.

They have pros and cons just like any other form of advertising. Columns in newspapers or ads on TV can be expensive, not to mention they’re a little harder to track than online stuff. On the other hand, online banners are easy to measure because you can monitor how many people click on them and from there determine what’s working and what isn’t. The really nice thing about the Internet is that you can compare your banner ads to your search engine marketing campaigns side by side, which makes it pretty easy to figure out how effective they are compared to one another.

"Advertising is the art of capturing attention, igniting desire, and driving action. It is the strategic blend of creativity, storytelling, and persuasion that brings your brand to the forefront of the consumer's mind. 

Craft compelling messages that resonate with your target audience, speaking to their needs, aspirations, and emotions. Embrace the power of visual storytelling, leveraging captivating visuals and memorable narratives to create a lasting impact. Choose the right channels and platforms to reach your audience effectively, while staying adaptable and open to emerging trends. 

Continuously measure and analyse the results of your advertising efforts, optimising and refining your approach based on data-driven insights.

 Remember, effective advertising goes beyond simply selling products or services—it creates an emotional connection, builds brand affinity, and leaves a lasting impression that compels customers to choose you over the competition."
Steve Creamer, MD, Peek Creative


We have over

years of experience in designing advertising campaigns for a wide range of clients. We have experience working on all types of advertising, from print ads to TV commercials, from billboards to radio spots. We know how it’s done and we know what works.

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Quality content is essential to ensure that your message is communicated in the best way possible. Good quality content will be engaging, accurate and relevant to your target audience. It also helps to increase brand visibility, attract and retain customers, and build trust with potential clients. Quality content also has SEO benefits, helping you to rank higher in search engine results pages.
As copywriters, we have many skills and knowledge that relate to writing content. This includes researching topics, highlighting the important points to communicate, understanding the target audience and how to interact with them in an engaging way, being able to format copy for different types of media, having an understanding of SEO principles and keyword optimisation, showing off my grammar and writing abilities, creating interesting headlines, and proofreading everything we write.

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