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Ion channels are protein molecules that span across the cell membrane allowing the passage of ions from one side of the membrane to the other. They have an aqueous pore, which becomes accessible to ions after a conformational change in the protein structure that causes the ion channel to open. The Metrion Biosciences ion channel screening icon represents the progress of ions through the channel in the cell membrane, which is at the core of Metrion Biosciences ion channel screening services. 


Project Details

Implementation of the Metrion Ion Channel Screening Icon

Corporate Website, Literature, Social Media, LinkedIn Posts, Exhibitions and PowerPoint Presentations

The core elements

Metrion Biosciences Icon Structure 1Metrion Biosciences Icon Structure 2Metrion Biosciences Icon Structure 3Metrion Biosciences Icon Structure 4

The icon is composed of four simple and easily identifiable elements:

  • An aqueous pore symbolised by a light grey circle
  • The purple funnel, representing the cell membrane, that divides the aqueous environment in two parts
  • The ion spheres, illustrating how ions flow through the pore from one side to the other
  • The number of ion channel spheres, implying the direction of motion.

Combined these elements create a dynamic and engaging representation of Metrion’s ion channel screening services.

Brand Service Shorthand

Ion Channel Screening Icon Formats

The icon appears in many different formats depending on the application. It can appear small, in single colour or full colour depending on the context. By using this icon, Metrion Biosciences is able to communicate its unique approach and capabilities for ion channel screening services in a streamlined, memorable and engaging way. 

The icon has help Metrion to differentiate between its service offerings by providing a visual representation of its services that is both memorable and recognisable. This allows potential customers to quickly and easily identify the service offerings they are looking for. It further strengthens Metrion’s position as an industry leader in providing ion channel screening services as a Contract Research Organisation (CRO).

By using the icon across all marketing channels, Metrion has been able to better communicate its services to potential customers as well as create a unified visual experience across all of its marketing channels. The icon has enabled Metrion Biosciences to establish a strong and recognisable brand asset, allowing them to stand out in the competitive landscape of ion channel screening services. 

The icon also serves as an example of how effective visual communication can be used to differentiate between service offerings in the life sciences industry. It provides an engaging and memorable way to communicate complex scientific concepts, ultimately enabling customers to engage with and understand services quickly and easily.

Why Brand Assets Matter

Brand Assets in branding

Developing brand assets is a crucial element in the branding process, providing significant benefits in terms of brand differentiation and brand memorability. Brand assets, like the Metrion ion channel screening icons, serve as visual identifiers that distinguish a brand from its competitors, enhancing recognition and standing in the market. They establish a unique visual language that communicates the brand’s identity, services, and values in a concise and compelling way.

Brand assets, serve a critical role in enhancing brand memorability. The consistent use of these assets across various marketing platforms, like corporate websites, literature, social media, and exhibitions, creates a familiar and unified visual experience for customers. They provide a quick reference point that triggers customers’ recall of the brand, its offerings, and its values, making it embedded in the customers’ mind.

Powerful brand assets can simplify complex concepts, making them easily understandable for the audience. This is especially vital in sectors like life sciences, where services can be intricate and technical. Through effective visual communication, brands can break down these complexities, enabling customers to engage with and comprehend services more easily. 

In summary, brand assets play a pivotal role in strengthening a brand’s position in the market, fostering differentiation, enhancing memorability, and facilitating customer understanding. They are integral in carving out a unique brand identity and in etching memorable impressions in the minds of customers.
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