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LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing your business. With over 500 million users, it's one of the most popular professional networking sites and offers a unique opportunity to reach potential customers and build relationships with them. LinkedIn can be used in many ways as part of your marketing strategy, from creating content to engaging with other professionals.

For example, you can use LinkedIn to create content that will help promote your business. You can write blog posts or articles about topics related to your industry, share updates about new products or services you offer, or even host webinars and events.

On an individual level, you can use LinkedIn to engage with other professionals by joining groups related to your industry and participating in conversations. This helps position you as an authority in your industry which in turn helps to earn the trust of potential customers - which is essential for any successful marketing strategy.

Done well, LinkedIn Ads can be a great way to reach potential customers who may not have heard of your business before. With LinkedIn Ads, you can target specific audiences based on their interests and job titles so that you're reaching the right people at the right time.
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Case Study - Metrion Biosciences

Peek’s collaboration with Metrion Biosciences has amplified their LinkedIn presence, multiplying their follower count sixfold, and the growth shows no signs of slowing down.
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Reasons to choose LinkedIn for your business

LinkedIn is a professional platform, making it a great place to connect with professionals
It offers organic and paid opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience and share content
You can use LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities to hone in on a specific segment of the audience
You can join relevant groups to further engage potential customers and build relationships
User-generated content on LinkedIn can help your business establish credibility
Generate leads through sponsored ads, sponsored messages, and connections.

Case Study - Beaphar

Social media marketing and training for one of the leading pet healthcare product suppliers.
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Why does it matter?

Making the business case

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for businesses to reach out to other businesses and engage with potential customers, partners, and stakeholders. Here are some UK-based B2B case studies that demonstrate the successful use of LinkedIn for marketing:


Meltwater is a media intelligence company that helps businesses track and analyse their online presence. They used LinkedIn to target key decision-makers in the marketing and communications industry, and generated over 100 qualified leads in just one month. They achieved this by creating a series of engaging blog posts and videos that demonstrated their expertise and provided valuable insights to their target audience.


Sage is a leading provider of cloud-based business management software. They used LinkedIn to launch a new product, Sage Business Cloud People, which is a HR and people management system. They created a dedicated LinkedIn page for the product and used targeted advertising to reach HR professionals and decision-makers. The campaign generated over 4,000 new followers for the LinkedIn page, and resulted in a 150% increase in web traffic and a 300% increase in product trials.


Hays is a recruitment company that specializes in connecting businesses with talented professionals. They used LinkedIn to build their brand and attract new clients. They created a series of thought leadership articles that provided insights into hiring and recruitment trends, and shared these articles on LinkedIn. The campaign generated over 100,000 views and 500 new followers for Hays' LinkedIn page. It also helped position Hays as a leading authority in the recruitment industry.


IBM is a global technology company that provides a wide range of business solutions, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. They used LinkedIn to promote their Watson AI platform, which is designed to help businesses improve their decision-making processes. They created a series of sponsored content campaigns that targeted decision-makers in various industries, such as healthcare, finance, and retail. The campaigns generated over 2,000 leads and resulted in a 20% increase in sales.
These case studies demonstrate how you can successfully use LinkedIn to reach out to other businesses and engage with potential customers, partners, and stakeholders. By creating targeted campaigns, sharing thought leadership content, and leveraging the platform's advertising capabilities, these businesses were able to build their brand, generate leads, and drive sales. We can help your business do the same.
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Case Study - MOQUO

Promoting the benefits of stocking refurbished mobile phones to the wholesale market.
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