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How do you attract attention?

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Sales collateral can be brochures, flyers, white papers or any other document that advertises a business’s products and services. More often than not these documents are now digital, but printed collateral is still popular for events and conferences.

Good design is essential for any type of collateral to be effective. A well-designed piece will attract attention, convey important messages, and clearly show how a product or service can benefit the reader. The goal should be to create something that stands out from the competition – something memorable that will make a good impression on potential customers. A printed piece of collateral is an important touch point for your brand so everything from the quality of the paper to the print finish is crucial.

Brochures and flyers are two of the most common types of sales collateral. These documents typically contain basic information about an organisation, such as its mission statement and contact information, but they may also provide additional details that help promote a business’s products or services to potential customers. Brochures and flyers may include photos and/or illustrations, and they may contain information such as the cost and availability of a product or service.

Nearly all businesses distribute sales collateral in one form or another to drum up new business, but some organisations may also distribute this information for other purposes. For instance, a government agency might distribute sales collateral to advertise its programs and initiatives or an educational facility might distribute brochures and flyers about its academic offerings and faculty members. You may choose to distribute information about offerings that you do not offer for sale, such as free seminars and workshops.


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