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Marketing is an essential part of running a successful business. It helps you reach out to potential customers and keep existing ones happy. But there are lots of different ways to market your business. Some are better than others and it all comes down to your strategy and planning for which tactics to use to suit your needs.

Peek can help you identify which tactics are more likely to deliver your desired results within your budget.

The following are the most effective marketing tactics today to help business owners promote their products and services. They are proven strategies that give clear results regarding brand exposure, generating leads, and increasing sales.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is the process of raising your website ranking so more people will visit it when they search for keywords relevant to your business niche online. It is a huge topic and requires in-depth search analysis and careful content creation to identify and answer your audience’s search intent.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is one of the top sites which professionals use regularly to access work-related news, connect with others, and share knowledge within their own network or groups. LinkedIn ads allow you to put up adverts that will direct users straight away to your site, where they can view what you have on offer through the content you have already published there. It’s a quick way to attract the right kind of visitors to your page.

Facebook Ads

The biggest social media site in the world is also one of the best marketing tools available today for business owners who want to create their own customer base online. Like LinkedIn, you can use ads on this platform to promote awareness and direct clicks to your website, leading potential buyers to take notice of what you are offering them. If this is where your target audience is, then this is the platform for you.


Blogs are an excellent way to reach people through various forms of content relevant to your industry, products, or opinions. Quality blogs generate targeted traffic to your site by letting readers know more about you and provide valuable information they can share with others which results in more interaction and shares.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a great way to reach out and connect with your existing and past customers and allow them to be the first to know what exciting new products or services you have available for them. When executed correctly, it can result in an impressive ROI (Return on Investment) that will benefit you both short-term and long-term.  

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

People looking for relevant keywords involving your business niche type them into the search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. PPC ads make use of this fact by allowing you to bid to show up for those keywords. Of course, the more people you want to see your ad and click on it, the higher you bid and the more money you spend as a result, but if those clicks convert into sales, then it can be well worth it.

Video Marketing

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, so it’s no surprise that this should also be one of the best marketing tools available to business owners today. Videos allow you to share your message with potential customers straight away and combined with other relevant tactics like SEO and PPC ads; you will gain exposure that drives traffic and generates leads that turn into sales over time. 

Email Capture

This tactic requires you to create forms within your internet marketing that ask those who have visited your site for details to stay in touch with them. You can start this by creating a lead magnet that people will want to download and then put up a form right there on the landing page for this freebie. The more information you get from interested visitors, the better you will target them once they become customers since you’ll know what they want and how best to market to them in the future.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about pulling people into your business using various online content channels such as blogging, social media, videos, and webinars, among others. It requires effort, but it’s effective because it allows potential clients to learn about you, trust your brand, and become loyal customers who will continue to buy from you for years.

Offline Marketing

Of course, none of these marketing tactics are effective if done in isolation, so business owners must look at integrating them together strategically to make the best use of their time, effort, and resources known as “integrated marketing”. This requires you to think about how each tactic can benefit others and act accordingly with online campaigns whilst tying back into your offline channels like print ads or mailers, depending on what works best for your industry.
You might feel overwhelmed by the many ways to market your business, but that is where we can help.

Below we’ve suggested some popular tactics for different types of organisations.
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Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics For Small Businesses (SMEs)

As a small business, you might consider tactics involving low-cost activities such as social media marketing and email marketing which you can implement in-house with your available resources.

Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing involves using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to promote your products and services. For example, you can use these platforms to post updates on what you do, special offers, new product releases, etc.

Email Marketing

Sending emails to people who have signed up to receive them from you is another way to get in touch with clients and prospects. These messages could be promotional, informational, sales-related, whatever works best for your company. The most common way to do this is by using a service like MailChimp or SendFox which automatically sends emails to your customers.

Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics For Larger Companies and Blue Chips 

With a bigger budget, you might consider tactics that allow you faster and deeper reach into your audience and can be outsourced to an agency.


If you want to attract more attention to your brand, then advertising may help. There are many types of advertising, including print ads, radio advertisements, TV commercials, billboards, online banner ads, etc.

Public Relations

A good public relations strategy will allow you to build relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers, etc. They can write about your company, give interviews, mention it in their blogs, tweet about it, etc.

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Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics For Nonprofits and Charities

Nonprofit organisations often need to raise money through donations. And charities usually rely heavily on volunteers to run events and fundraisers. So if you work at one of those two kinds of organisation, here are some tips to make sure they succeed in raising awareness of your organisation.

Fundraising Events

One of the easiest ways to generate revenue is to hold fundraising events. Whether it’s a bake sale, car wash, raffle, auction, concert, etc., anything, where you ask for donations, is considered a fundraiser event.


Another easy way to raise funds is to collect donations directly from donors. People love giving gifts, so why not let them? Giving away free stuff makes people feel appreciated and also gives them something useful to remember you by.
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Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics For Startups

If you’re just starting off, you’ll probably find yourself overwhelmed with options. You may have a generous budget or a teeny tiny one. No matter what, you can employ tactics that will drive awareness and traffic to your website or crowdfunding campaign.

Create Content

Creating content is an excellent way to market your startup because it helps establish authority around specific topics. It shows visitors that there’s valuable knowledge you have for them to consume. They ask, and you answer.

Syndicated Content

Writing articles and posting them on websites like Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, Google+, Quora, etc. is a great way to share information and engage readers. Make sure you include links back to your website/crowdfunding page wherever possible. You can republish your original content or write something unique.

Guest Posting

Getting published on other websites is a great way to increase traffic to your site and increase the visibility of your business. You can offer guest posts for free but expect to put in anywhere between 700 – 1,500 words per post depending on how popular the blog is. To find places that accept guest posts google “intitle: write for us [your niche]”.

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Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics For Local Businesses

Local business owners have different needs than national brands. That means local businesses must use unique marketing techniques to get noticed. Some examples of these methods include:

Direct Mailers

These are letters or postcards sent via mail delivery services. The most common type of direct mailing used today is a leaflet drop, or what we like to call good old-fashioned “junk” mail. Direct mail has been proven effective time after time. Even though it has been declining over the last 10 years, it still generates a 4.4% return compared to cold email marketing 0.12%.

Local SEO

Search engine optimisation refers to all actions taken to improve search results in organic listings. This service has many aspects, including optimising titles, descriptions, images, videos, contact info, location data, reviews, etc. Take advantage of Google Business Listings for hyper-focused local SEO to reach your audience and smash the competition.

Online Advertising

Using online advertising tools such as Facebook Ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, etc. allows companies to target customers based on demographics, interests, behaviours, age range, gender, past purchases, etc which can be really good to narrow down your local audience and engage with them.

Marketing Tactics

An engagement increase of... 

Metrion Biosciences
Remember that your service names are an important part of your overall brand identity, so we take the time to come up with names that accurately reflect your services and help your business stand out and succeed.
"Marketing tactics are the brushstrokes that bring your strategy to life. They are the specific actions and tools you deploy to connect with your target audience and drive desired outcomes. Choose your tactics wisely, aligning them with your overall strategy and understanding the preferences and behaviours of your customers. Embrace a multi-channel approach, utilising digital and traditional platforms to create a cohesive and integrated brand experience. 

Continuously measure and analyze the effectiveness of your tactics, adapting and refining them based on data-driven insights. Remember, it's not about chasing the latest trend or using every tactic under the sun, but about selecting the ones that resonate with your audience, amplify your brand's unique value, and create meaningful connections that foster loyalty and drive sustainable growth."
Sarah-Jane White, Strategic Director, Peek Creative

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